Clever Ginny
    Hawaiians have a myth about quilts with images of humans on them. They say, that when you go to sleep at night, those images will come to life and visit you. Well now, imagine Ginny's surprise when her grandma told her this story! Also, imagine the ideas this gave little Ginny.
    Ginny looked at her grandma and said, "Gramma? Does that mean, any animal on a quilt can come to life?"
    "That's what they say."
    Ginny's eyes bulged! "Wow!! Thanks gramma!"

    That afternoon, Ginny wandered around her house thinking this whole thing over. Such a big decision she was trying to make. Finally Ginny gave a nod of decision to her teddy bear. She ran down the stairs, rounded the corner and flew into her mom's quilt room. "Mom! I know what kind of quilt I want now!"
    Her mother smiled, "Good. Did you pick the fabric out of my stash already?"
    "No, you don't have the stuff I need. Can we go to the stash store?"
    Her mother giggled, "You mean the fabric store? And yes, we can go. I wanted to check out the new fat quarters anyway." Almost before her mother could finish her sentence, Ginny ran out to the car and impatiently waited for her mom. "Mom! Let's go! Come on!" Finally, after mom had gathered up her purse, swatches, and checkbook, they were in the car and on their way.

    Finally, their at the store. "Okay Ginny, what are you looking for? What color?"
    "No it's not a color. I'll know it when I see it." Then she spotted the children's fabric section, and darted over to it. She immediately began rummaging through the prints. After viewing every bolt of fabric in that section, Ginny was quite frustrated, and went to meet her mom in the quilt section.
    Her mother looked down at her, and saw tears welling up in her eyes. "What is it honey? What's the matter?"
    "They don't have what I need" she sniffled.
    "Well, did you look in the sale section?"
    "Mom, you know I hate the cheap stuff."
    "Ginny, it's not 'cheap' stuff, it's usually just older. When they get new fabric, they have to make room for it. So the sell the older stuff for a cheaper price."
    So, Ginny and her mom went to the sale area. Ginny began going through the fabrics, suddenly she squealed, "This it it!! This is what I need mom!"
    Her mom examined the fabric Ginny was tugging at. A dark midnight blue, with tiny golden kittens all over it. "Well, that's cute! All those little kitties. Now, you'll need some other fabric to go with it."
    "Uhmm...okay. How about blue and gold? Just like this fabric??"
    "Okay. Here let's take the bolt over to the solids section, and I'll grab some that match."

    Now that they had all the fabric, a pattern had to be picked. Ginny, after thumbing through quilt magazine, after quilt magazine, decided on the barn door pattern. And so, Ginny was left to wait impatiently for the finished quilt.
    Finally, a week later, Ginny came home from school one day and took her book bag up to her room. When she walked through her bedroom door, the first thing she noticed was the quilt on her bed. She shrilled, "Mom!! It's so pretty!!"
    That night, she couldn't wait to go to bed. Her mother had to keep telling her that she had to wait till bedtime to go to bed. Finally, mom told her it was bedtime. Ginny immediately went up to her room, put on her jammies, and snuggled up under her new quilt and drifted off to sleep.
    Ginny's eyes popped open the next morning, and she jumped out of bed. First she looked under her bed. Then her hamper, her closet and on a chance in her dresser drawers. She collapsed into tears and curled up on her bed. Her mother heard her crying and came into her room, "Honey, are you okay? What's the matter?" She hugged Ginny close.
    Sniffling, Ginny stammered, " didn't work!"
    "What didn't work dear?"
    "The quilt, gramma said the animals would come to life. But it didn't work."
    Her mother kissed her forehead, "I'll be right back sweety." She went downstairs to call Ginny's gramma. After hearing the whole account of Ginny and her grandma's conversation, she realized what the problem was, and went back up to Ginny's room.
    "Sweety, it's okay. I'll tell you what. Why don't you try the quilt one more time? I'll bet it will work then."
    Ginny looked up, " think so?"
    Her mother nodded, "Yeah!! I do think so!"

    Ginny spent the rest of the day anxiously playing and waiting. When her mom went to town, but wouldn't let her come too, she got quite upset. Then her dad offered to take her swimming instead. Most likely to wear her out!
    That night, Ginny crawled under the quilt, still excited, but not as much as the first night. She whispered to the quilt, "You better work this time!" and drifted off to sleep again.
    Ginny's mom got up very early the next morning, snuck quietly into Ginny's room, with a little bundle, and placed it at the end of the bed. As she left, she called out Ginny's name a few times, loudly enough to wake her up, then quickly slipped out of the room, before Ginny saw her.
    Ginny rubbed her eyes, and sat up. She saw something wiggling at the end of the bed, her eyes almost popped out of her head! She reached down and picked up the wriggling little bundle and opened it. For a moment, all she could do was just stare at the tiny golden kitten.
    "MOM! MOM! It worked! It worked!"
    Her mother came in, and saw Ginny grinning from ear to ear, and she couldn't help but smile too. Ginny looked up at her and said, "Gosh mom...I just had a great idea!"
    "What's that?"
    "You're going to have to make me a quilt with Santa on it!" and with that, her mom started to laughing, and thinking to herself, 'Now how am I going to pull this one off?"

The End =)

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