Animals, Animals, Animals!

I'm very into wildlife and thought others with similar interests would appreciate some links to some interesting animal pages. I hope to include things such as wildlife pages, pet pages, humane society pages, and wildlife preservation pages.

My hometown Zoo..check out there page and see what's going on. They often, offer special events.

The Indianapolis Zoo is wonderful! I have relatives "down there", and visited this zoo when I was a child. It's quite large, and has a very wide variety of animals.

The Wonders Of The Red Sea. A page about the red sea, and it's "inhabitants." It also includes a rather large collection of photograph's of the animals in this sea, taken by divers, as well as information about visiting the red sea.

Pet Pages

This is Arlene, a sweet and beautiful cat. She also has some links to some other cat's pages.

That's right, an online zoo. It contains links for tons of animal pages, which they have divided into catagories for you. There's pet cats, big cats, horses, monkies, birds, insects, rodents, and much more!!

This link will bring you to an animal right faq (frequently asked questions) page. This is a very informative page, it provides the beliefs of the animal rights activists in a fairly objective, just the facts manner. And also provides some information on how you can help animals. You can also look at their Main Page.

The Fund for Animals was founded in 1967 by prominent author and animal advocate Cleveland Amory. Dedicated "to speak for those who can't," The Fund is now, and always has been, one of the largest and most active organizations dedicated to the cause of animals throughout the world. (This excerpt was taken from their page.) Ypu can also wonder around to other parts of their pages.

Animal Behavior Society

Animal Humor On the Web

Bad Kitty!

Bill Hall's Cat Tales

Basic Rules For Cats Who Have a House to Run


Bad Dog Chronicles

A little about my beliefs...

   All I can pretty much say is...I'm as kind and gentle to animals, as I would be with an infant. Unlike people, animals are never vindictive, or vengeful. That kind of friend is hard to find don't abuse it. Start loving animals and you just might find that the world isn't such a bad place afterall. =)