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(Oh, Zach and Steph live here too, but just because we let them)

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Hello! I'm Molly, a small but vocal blue point Siamese kitten. You may wonder why I have decided to force my servants Zach and Steph to construct this web page. Well, the answer is simple.....I am the unquestioned lord and master of the Universe (or Molliverse as I like to call it).

How a kitten of such small stature such as myself gained control every quark, neutrino, and meson in the known universe is an interesting story. It all started when I realized that I could compel my owners to do my bidding. Through telepathic manipulation, I could force them to give me Whisker Lickins, scratch my fuzzy tummy, or vote Republican (this one was tough). Although this newfound power was fun and all, there was only so much I could make these puny humans do, so naturally I moved on to telekinesis.

Through my newfound powers of particle manipulation, I could control and read minds, cause small regional conflicts, and push random objects off of the coffee table. As my power grew, I found that my consciousness began to expand beyond this planet and out into the galaxy. It was then I realized that I was not a kitten at all, but an omnipotent being from a race from what you call the Andromeda galaxy. With this realization, I began my reign as the supreme ruler of the Universe.

Click here to read an excellent article on cat's from outer space.

My position as household dictator is currently being challenged by Mitzie the Cat. Although I anticipate an easy victory, I still encourage you to vote my e-mailing my servants with your ballot. The election has gotten nasty with my lack of a tail being a hot topic of contention. I will not stand for smear campaigns such as this and I hope you will not let it sway your vote. Besides, she looks like a cow!

I recently acquired a digital camera from my owners, so you'll be seeing a lot more pictures of me in the future, including the one at the top of this page


Can you help me???

It just recently occurred to me that having my own web page might also aid an expedition of mine. I'm looking for my long lost brothers and sisters, and may find them if I give you some information on what they look like and where I last saw them. Just maybe some of you can help me find out where they are and how they are doing. I will give you all the information that my servant mommy has given me (since I was too young to remember.) 

I convinced my mommy that I was the perfect master kitty for her when I was living at the Animal Humane Society of Hennepin County (in Minneapolis, Minnesota). I had just moved to the humane society on 7/12/95. My brothers and sisters and I were only eight weeks old and our previous masters gave the reason of giving us up as "An unwanted litter." (How anyone couldn't want us I'll never know.) We are all Siamese Blue Point / Manx with little stubby tails. 

I am very hopeful that some of my brothers and sisters (or their servants) might see this. I'd really like to know how they are and what kind of lives they are living. I miss them very much and I hope they all ended up with good servants. So please...if you should know one of them...or are servant to one...or ARE even one of them, please leave me some email. Any information would be helpful!



Hi! I'm Mitzie and I am currently running for household dictator. Molly the Cat currently holds this post, but I feel that I would be a superior candidate. Molly's has ruled with an iron fist and the time for change has come. No more shall kittens such as myself be harassed, held against our will, or deprived of Whisker Lickens. Besides, she doesn't even have a tail. I ask you, how can you trust a tail-less leader? Please remember to e-mail your votes to our servants so this time of deprivation can end.


Mitzie in '99!

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Current Vote Tally

Molly the Omnipotent Mitzie the Small
113 124

Proudly proclaimed a Bacon favorite! Go visit this cute little pig! Also winner of the coveted "Whisker's Cool Cat Award"

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